The FramingNano Project formally concluded its work at the end of March 2010 following publication of the FramingNano governance platform and its executive summary and a series of national workshops aimed at disseminating information about the outcomes of the project and discussing possible routes forward concerning principles and proposals outlined in the governance platform with key stakeholders at national level.

In the various national workshops the need for a continuous and adaptive model of governance, such as that proposed in the governance platform, was particularly acknowledged and there was also a broad agreement that the proposed governance model provided a useful heuristic overview of the challenges facing societies in balancing the undoubted benefits of nanotechnology with the perceived but sometimes unquantifiable risks associated with increased use of manufactured nanomaterials in a globalised world.

The final FramingNano project documents, including a report describing the

The FramingNano Project Consortium would like to thank all stakeholders who have participated in the project over the past two years for their active and constructive input and for contributing to the final outcomes of the Project.