Today most of the people have tended to look for the methods that can release their stresses and give some relaxation to their bodies and minds. The main cause for this is that modern day people have used to spend a busy lifestyle.

When considering their requirements, they need something at their home to give that relaxation that they seek.

Since they have a very busy schedule they can’t find time for attend to the sessions of the places like massage therapy centers and meditation centers.

Therefore the best option they have is the best shiatsu massage chair.

Top 8 Infinity Massage Chairs Available

Nowadays most of the people have begun to focus on these massage chairs and therefore many companies and organizations have involved in the production of these massage chairs. Infinity is one such company who are in the business for years now. They offer a variety of massage chair options with various features integrated in them. And they are of different prices.

Therefore people can choose the ideal massage chair that matches their requirements from the Infinity.

Infinity is one of those companies who have an enormous reputation in the market.

Infinity IT-8500 Massage Chair

Infinity-it8500When considering Infinity’s massage chair line up, Infinity IT-8500-CB Heated chair is one of the best massage chairs in under $5000 category as pointed out ion this review:

The company has integrated some fantastic features and has used latest technologies to build the IT-8500-CB Heated chair. This massage chair possesses two zero gravity positions which can’t be seen in most of other chairs. That is one feature that make this robotic machine a unique product.

New technologies like Tru-Grip V stretch, Spinal correction and Accu-roll shoulder massage have used in this chair.

Intersound technology and headphone port are another two rare features that you can find in a chair and you can see both these features in the Infinity IT-8500-CB Heated chair.

There are tons of other features that you can see in this chair and you can use those features to have a unique and special massage session.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions -: 59 * 35.4 * 45.7 inches
  • Machine Weight -: 229 lbs
  • Weight Capacity -: 265 lbs
  • Air Massage -: Leg and Foot air massage, Arm and Wrist air massage, shoulder air massage, Lumbar and buttock air massage.
  • The Latest Technologies -: Two zero gravity positions, Intersound technology, Tru-Grip V Stretch, Spinal Correction, Accu-roll shoulder massage
  • Warranty -: 3 years warranty


The Infinity IT-8500-CB Heat chair has been included with 6 massage techniques; Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu and Combination.

And this massage chair has another unique massage technique which can’t be seen in other chairs. It is the Synchronic massage technique. Through this technique you can have the rollers massage you to the beat of the music that you listen to.

This massage chair has many other features like Lumber heat, Four-Wheel massage mechanism, Waist twist and many more. You have the option to adjust the massage strength manually.

Touch Key controller is another interesting feature. Because of that you can control the massage chair with ease. And you have a 3 years warranty period for this massage chair. So if any error occurs in the machine you have the freedom to directly contact the customer care section of the company.


Just like every other products and services, Infinity IT-8500-CB too has its own drawbacks. When we consider the technical section and the quality of the material, there’s nothing much to complaint about. But the price of this machine is bit expensive. Most of the people like to have a quality massage from a great massage chair like Infinity IT-8500-CB heated chair. But they can’t afford that much of money for a massage chair.

But when considering the features and specifications in this machine, the price is reasonable. But on the other hand it is in bit higher side. So it is better to pay attention on this fact. Apart from that this chair is great product to purchase.

Why Choose This Chair / What Is the Cost and Price?

The Infinity IT-8500-CB massage chair possesses almost all the features that included in a perfect chair. Because of that this has turned out to be one of the best chairs in the market. Since it comes to the market under the Infinity brand name, the demand for this chair further increases. With all these facilities and features this chair is a great product to have in your home.

Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Infinity Presidential is another great chair from Infinity.

Infinity Iyashi Zero Gravity Massage Chair

It is the best selling massage chair in Asia. Cutting edge design uses the longest stroke. Many massage techniques such as Synchronic massage, Bluetooth connectivity and the massage rollers.

Product features:

Two Zero Gravity positions, lumbar heat, spinal correction, intersound technology, airbag pressure massage.
You can connect your tablet or smartphone.

Infinity Imperial Massage Chair

Infinity Genesis SE Massage Chair

Infinity Altera

Infinity Riage x3

Infinity Escape

Infinity massage chairs is pleased to provide the all New infinity escape model – a revolutionary chair Bringing you all of the latest massage technologies at an affordable price.

Infinity IT 8800

There were many things we liked about the Infinity IT 9800, from which it’s worth mentioning the wide range of massage features and techniques that ensure the ultimate massage experience. It’s also a good-looking device that is easy to use and provides with safety and comfort.

Nowadays, people no longer go to massage salons, but prefer to get a relaxing massage in the intimacy of their home, so they purchase a massage chair.

Among all the models available, the Infinity IT 9800 stands out with its imposing design, the variety of leather finishes, and the wide range of features and massage techniques.

This chair can offer the ultimate massage experience with the multiple massage types and the therapeutic technologies, all operated with the user-friendly one-touch technology. You can benefit from the wonderful effects of this massage chair if you are willing to pay $6,295 for it.

Luckily, you can also enjoy discounts that lower the price down to $3,695, depending on the dealer, so you can have this efficient chair at home.

Technical specifications

The Infinity IT 8800 massage chair comes with the longest L-stroke manufactured today so it can cover a wide back area. There is a number of 7 motors on this chair, all working together to deliver the most beneficial and relaxing massage on your entire body.

What makes this chair unique is the fact that it doesn’t use massage airbags to massage your body, but rollers that put pressure on your muscles from the lumbar area all the way to the neck, and vibrate in order to make them relax.

Massage features

The roller used by the Infinity IT 9800 is a 2D Quad type roller, meaning there are 4 massage heads used, with a 27” length and adjustable width and speed.

This chair offers a wide range of features that provide therapeutic functions for thermal and decompression therapy, calf massage that stimulates the overall blood flow to your heart, sole massage also known as reflexology, lumbar decompression massage that eliminates lumbar pain, and acupressure on vital points in your body. There is a vibration massage feature for the set and arms region that you can turn on and off with the touch of a button, and a combination of a rocking motion and a yoga function so you can achieve full relaxation.

Programs and massage techniques

The Infinity IT 8800 offers 4 recline programs and 6 manual programs, each having their own therapeutic effect. The first recline program is called Relax and it consists of a full body massage that uses the back massage roller and the calf massage roller.

The Stretch program includes 4 settings, namely a Zero-Gravity position that raises your feet above your heart to achieve a weightless feeling, a “V” angle lumbar stretch, a “V” angle victory stretch, and an inversion stretch that puts your body in line with the comfortable effects of gravity.

The Rocking program includes a deep recline without rocking, a deep recline with rocking, a medium recline with rocking, and a fixed recline.

The Lie Down program reclines the chair and raises the footrest to achieve a position like the one in bed. The manual programs include Full body massage, Regional massage, Fixed Point massage, Head to Neck massage, Upper Back massage, and lower Back massage. After you choose the desired manual program, you will have to choose one of the 7 massage techniques included by the Infinity IT 9800 massage chair.

You can choose a Swedish massage that relaxes your body by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart, in order to increase the level of oxygen n the blood. The Shiatsu massage technique combines pressure points, stretching, and rotating as a way to increase your body’s energy level. You can also opt for the rolling technique that applies constant pressure on your body to warm and relax your muscles.

The tapping massage is a gentle percussion on your muscles in order to stimulate the nervous system and release lymphatic buildup. There is also the kneading technique that compresses the soft tissues to improve vascular and lymphatic response while the vibration technique shakes the muscles to improve blood circulation and relaxation.

Complementary therapies

Besides the wide range of features and massage options it comes with, the Infinity IT 9800 massage chair also includes an infrared three-level lumbar heat technology that heats your muscles with 3 levels of comfortable and healing heat.

Although having a chromotherapy option would have increased the health benefits of this device, there isn’t a chromotherapy feature, only the infrared one. Still, you will benefit from the healing and relaxing effects of the infrared heat on your body’s muscles and organs.

Convenience features

To help you sit more relaxed, the Infinity IT 8800 comes with an automatic leg extension to support your legs during the massage session. You can also customize the massage according to the shape and needs of your body with the Optical Scanning technology. What this function does is that it uses an optical scanner that analyzes your entire body, its position, the shape of your spine, the painful parts, and the acupressure points.

This way, it can customize the massage session according to your special needs, thus ensuring a massage that will focus on the pains and aches you feel in your body and will offer the relief that your body needs. The chair comes with a back recliner so you can achieve the most comfortable position during the massage.

There is an ultra padded headrest to keep your head in the best position and a removable backrest to help you get comfortable during the massage session. The One-Touch technology ensures ease of operation and the slim LCD remote enables you to control the device with maximum ease. The massage sessions can be programmed to last between 5 to 30 minutes with the timer setting and you can even plug your headphones into the mp3 player and let the chair massage you to the beat of your favorite music.


This chair is a very large unit that weighs 175 lbs and can handle people weighing up to 350 lbs.

When placed upright, it measures 45”L x 38”W x 46”H and when in recline position it measures 70”L x 38”W x 34”H, meaning you will need to make room for this chair so you can enjoy it without having to constantly move it.

It’s a quality chair made of a sturdy steel frame and 100% genuine leather that looks nice and keeps its soft and quality aspect throughout time.

In case you worry about matching the color of the Infinity IT 9800 to your home design or personal tastes, you can relax knowing that it comes in a wide range of colors to match any preferences.

You can choose a black, a dark brown, or a burgundy chair if you prefer dark shades, or you can go for a taupe, a butter or an ivory leather finish if you like light colors instead.

Warranty and support

When it comes to warranty, Infinity knows what they are doing and they are offering you a generous package to go with your high-quality massage chair.

The total warranty is a 3-year limited that covers labor for one year, parts for 2 years, and the structural framework for 3 years. You can always extend the warranty for an additional cost, so you can enjoy 4 years on parts, besides the initial manufacturer’s warranty. If you are planning to use the massage chair for commercial use outside the home, the Infinity IT 8800 is only covered by a 2-year warranty for parts. You can also enjoy customer support related to any type of problem your massage chair might encounter.